InProgress Research Inc.

Your Way to The Connected World of Things!
What We Do
  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting
    Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting
    The consulting arm of the business, backed by the specialized domain expertise of our IoT experts, our in-house developed R&D recommendations and our partners network, is the trusted IoT partner of our Industrial and critical infrastructure customers
  2. Solution Research
    Solution Research
    Our IoT Research Architects with their creative futuristic vision of the IoT world, utilize the input provided by the consulting division in the form of requirements & domain expertise to develop recommendations for IoT solutions across the industries we service
  1. Investing in Startups
    Investing in Startups
    Here is where we reinvesting our direct profit and/or R&D output/expertise and leveraging the powers of other entrepreneurs and experts in the domain to accelerate the development of the IoT world through a fully integrated Ecosystem cycle.
  2. Product Development
    Product Development
    Our Product Development division armed by its engineering expertise, gathers consulting and research input in the form of requirement specifications & product ideas to develop top of the line IoT products and protocols
About Us
InProgress Research Inc. is a technology startup in the Internet of Things domain, aimed at analyzing critical infrastructure systems, industrial control systems and common everyday-use systems for potential optimization through the Internet of Things principles. We use our consulting arm with its direct domain/customer exposure as the input to our R&D process. Our R&D division is tasked with developing recommendations, specifications and SW/HW devices/components to be integrated in domain specific Internet of Things Solutions.
The company’s end goal is to develop an Ecosystem  that  connects domain expertise partners (input), InProgress consulting experts (analysis), VC money (funding), enthusiastic entrepreneurs (drive and talent) and   InProgress Research recommendations (conclusions) to drive developing products in the Internet of Things domain.

Our Consulting division along with our partners network will carry the responsibility of integrating the developed products into solutions for our customers to connect the world!