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InProgress Research Inc. is a Toronto based  Internet of Things technology startup. We analyze Critical Infrastructure Systems, Industrial Control Systems and common everyday-use systems for potential optimization through the use of the Internet of Things , Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence principles.
DESIAGO is our Consulting & Integration division where we partner with vendors and customers on their IoT transformation journey and maintain direct domain and customers exposure.  With all its domain expertise, DESIAGO serves requirements as input to the R&D process at InProgress Research. Our R&D division develops recommendations, specifications and IoT products to be integrated in domain specific Internet of Things Solutions.

Why Stateful Firewalls Don’t Cut It for Critical Infrastructure Applications?

Operational Technology (OT) Networks are quite different in nature from ordinary enterprise networks resulting in unique requirements, priorities and security needs. This article will focus on the security aspect and in particular the type of Firewalls needed to satisfy the requirements. Let’s dig into the details… A good place to …

Is Machine Learning too advanced for Power Utilities to adapt?

Machine Learning solutions utilize trained agents that can function as efficiently without an internet or cloud connection, a condition that exists in Critical Infrastructure networks and most conventional security and analytics solutions fail to address. Let’s dig into the details… Critical Infrastructure applications are generally slow to adapt new technologies, …

InProgress Research Inc. Launches DESIAGO

InProgress Research Inc. Launches DESIAGO, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Integrator with primary focus on; Critical Infrastructure applications, Industrial applications, Smart Buildings and Smart Cites verticals. DESIAGO aims to drive innovation through providing and integrating complete end-to-end IIoT solutions within focus vertical and will partner with vendors & customers on their …