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New Announcement, Onion Corporation:

InProgress Research CEO Joins the Advisory Board of Technology Partner Onion Corporation

Enhancing the collaboration between InProgress Research Inc. and the IoT technology partner Onion Corporation, Tamer Soliman, Founder and CEO of InProgress Research has joined the Advisory Board of Onion Corporation. 

As the Canadian IoT technology leader Onion Corp. enhances its leading position in building technologies to enable the IoT revolution, Mr. Soliman's advisory role is aimed at helping Onion through the transformation from a tech start-up to a fast-growing corporation through proper structuring, optimized operations and a well defined go-to-market strategy. 

Onion Corp.  - Partners

Tamer Soliman,

Founder & CEO 

Date: Aug 01, 2017

Parnership Announcement, Onion Corporation:

InProgress Research Inc. and Onion Corporation have entered into a strategic partnership agreement aimed at increasing their collaboration and enhancing their ability to provide cutting edge IoT solutions for their customers. Within the scope of the agreement Onion Corporation have selected InProgress Research Inc. (IPR) as the IoT Integrator of choice to promote and integrate Onion Corporations’ leading IoT technologies, Products and Cloud Services. The collaboration extends beyond IoT Integration to cover IoT Solutions Research and IoT Products Research and Development activities.

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Tamer Soliman,

Founder & CEO

Date: May 4, 2016

New Article by, Tamer Soliman

Internet of Things: We Have Come a Long Way, Now it is About Time to Organize The Chaos!

As the IoT world is developing so rapidly and with so many stakeholders and potential business at stake, now is the right time to start considering organizing the chaos created by the lack of standards and common architecture.

The IoT full potential to change the way we live life today will only be unleashed when a fully integrated Eco-system  is created, where all the smart things we create, the supporting back-end cloud infrastructure and the user interface devices/apps can communicate regardless of the vendor. Standard interfaces at the smart device to cloud  level, the IoT data structure and cloud to IoT user interface level are necessary.

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Tamer Soliman,

Founder & CEO 

Date: Mar 25, 2016